Overview of Workshops

  • Public lectures: 23 Februrary 2023

    The Public Lectures presented the IdeaMapSudan output and lessons learned, and the latest advancements in the GIS and Earth Observation fields.

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  • Final Symposium: 20 - 23 February 2023

    Outputs, lessons learned, policy alleviation and livelihood strategies, sustainability and follow-up of IDeaMapSudan

    • Day 1 - 20 February - Data for Poverty Alleviation Strategies
    • Day 2 - 21 February - Expert Workshop on Multi-Deprivation Modelling
    • Day 3 - 23 February - Outlook and scaling up, and Public lectures and reception

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  • City2City Dialogue March 2023


    20 March 2023, Khartoum, Sudan and online

    The Dialogue with regional experts from several cities in Sudan focused on the discussion and stimulation of a regional scaling of IDeAMapSudan to other urban centres in Sudan.  The best practice outputs have been compiled and showcased. This training was led by local experts and the ToT participants.

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  • Community workshop: 19 - 20 November 2022

    Data: The Role of Community in Data Collection and Use for Community Benefit

    • Day 1 - The importance of data and its use
    • Day 2 - Exploring spatial data, and spatial data collection using Kobo Toolbox

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  • GIS-Specialist Training workshop: 3 - 6 October 2022

    GIS and Earth Observation - Information sources and analysis to support decision-making

    • Day 1 - Introduction to Spatial Data and QGIS
    • Day 2 - Spatial Data Collection & Analysis
    • Day 3 - Earth Observation
    • Day 4 - Modern Geospatial Methods

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  • Non GIS-Specialist training workshop: 19 - 21 September 2022

    The basics of GIS and their importance in planning and supporting decision-making

    • Day 1 - Introduction to GIS and Spatial Data & Methods
    • Day 2 - Data collection methods
    • Day 3 - Spatial Data Analysis for Decision-making Support

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  • Expert Workshop: 17 August 2021

    Discussing with experts about the local context of deprivation and informal settlements in Khartoum, Sudan, to guide the mapping of deprived areas and help in identifying the overall priorities of IdeaMapSudan system. The workshop addressed the following:

    • Understanding what defines deprivation: What are the key physical, social, and economic characteristics of deprivation?
    • Capturing the major data gaps and information needs: What are the key missing data sets of deprivation/informal settlements, especially in the pilot study area (Jabal Awlia & Alasalam Omdurman)? 
    • Supporting evidence based decision making: How can spatial mapping support the decision making process in Sudan?
    • What are the key current and/or previous relevant projects/studies?
  • Kick-off Workshop: 12 January 2021

    This successful kick-off workshop presented the IdeaMapSudan project to potential stakeholders and interested parties, and communicated the value that earth observation data can bring to many aspects of urban planning, development and monitoring. This workshop provided the opportunity for an open and transparent conversation between policy-makers, practitioners, academics and civil society on shared urban challenges.